Born in Yorkshire, England in 1953, I arrived in Ibiza in 1985 after having spent thirteen years traveling the world as a radio officer in the British Merchant Marine. Like many, I quickly fell in love with the island and soon felt the need to help conserve this natural paradise for future generations to enjoy.

After feeling particularly disturbed by the problems of garbage and environmental damage caused by the uncontrolled expansion of tourism, I founded the local Friends of the Earth group in 1989, together with a group of like-minded residents of Ibiza. The group acted to clean the beaches and forests of the island, and helped encourage the population to take care of their natural heritage in a more ecological way.

In 1993, I launched the Casita Verde, an ecological center that shortly thereafter became the headquarters of the environmental study group Ibiza Ecologic, which officially registered as a local NGO in January 1996. After participating in other centers and initiatives Ecological, with different results, I decided to focus my attention again on improving the facilities and the potential of the Casita Verde, which continues to grow in diversity and popularity every year.

In parallel, with the help of the Foundation for the Future based in Madrid, of which I was an administrator in Ibiza since 2002, I began to develop a "Green Heart strategy plan". From this initiative, a social leadership movement emerged with the name 'Ibiza Fénix', a platform that brings together 13 NGOs with conservation interests.

Now I look forward to the new environmental project, 'One Planet One Life', which will be part, in addition to Ibiza Phoenix.

Add, act ... for a clean Ibiza, for a conscious and responsible world.

Chris Dews


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