Environmental awareness has been something very present in my life since I was a child, however, although I recycled at home, I did not know how to contribute in a more active way to take care of the planet.

Five years ago I had the fortune to arrive in Formentera and live there for a while, then I arrived in Ibiza where I got to know Casita Verde and the contact with the nature of the islands plus the history of Casita, and the people I later met there made me realize that anyone with small actions in their lifestyle can positively affect where they live. Suddenly that dream of taking care of the planet that I had since I was a child and that I did not know how to do it, was possible in the lives of many people and now in mine, which filled me with happiness and inspiration to get involved as a volunteer in various projects and finally to be able to focus my work, design, towards the communication of projects in favor of the environment and social awareness.

There is a long way to go when we talk about caring for the environment, but any action is a step forward, and as they say in ONE PLANET ONE LIFE: We only have one planet and we only have one life! In my point of view, life is worth living if it is taking care of our home and the people in it :)


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